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201450-100 employees

Astrocast is a the leading network of nanosatellites providing global IoT/M2M services.

Stevenson Astrosat Ltd

201210-50 employees

Based in Scotland, Astrosat is an Earth observation company bursting with innovative ideas that use space technology.

Hydrosat S.a.r.l

20171-10 employees

Hydrosat transforms earth data into information and knowledge for agriculture, financial services and government.

#Science Data Processing#Earth Observation Data Processing


201810-50 employees

NewSpace intelligence for a sustainable Earth - Driven by integrity and passion.
Wildfire detection and monitoring service from space – global, fast, reliable.

#Earth Observation Data Processing

Aerospacelab SA

201850-100 employees

Aerospacelab (“ASL”) designs and manufactures satellites in its Belgium factory for its own use and third party sales. It commercializes Earth Observation data, acquired through own satellite constellations and actionable insights using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning on proprietary and third-party datasets.

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