Space4Impact wants to maximize the positive impact of Space technologies on Earth by linking New Space companies to non-space markets. The goal is to internationally boost the growing New Space Economy in line with the UN SDGs.

The Space4Impact Ecosystem brings together governmental and non-governmental organisations, investors, corporates, and New Space entrepreneurs. Space4Impact created a digital ecosystem platform to help corporates, investors and organisations, who want to integrate disruptive solutions, innovate and accelerate their impact sustainably by learning, conducting open innovation challenges and initiating pilot projects with startups and News Space companies.

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New Space Companies


201450-100 employees

Astrocast is a the leading network of nanosatellites providing global IoT/M2M services.


201710-50 employees

Validated 10x lossless image compression for Earth Observation.

#Science Data Processing#Earth Observation Data Processing

Hydrosat S.a.r.l

20171-10 employees

Hydrosat transforms earth data into information and knowledge for agriculture, financial services and government.

#Science Data Processing#Earth Observation Data Processing


201810-50 employees

NewSpace intelligence for a sustainable Earth - Driven by integrity and passion.
Wildfire detection and monitoring service from space – global, fast, reliable.

#Earth Observation Data Processing

Space4Impact Startup of the Year 2020

CompPair Technologies Ltd.

20201-10 employees

Current composite materials are sensitive to cracks, need expensive maintenance and are hard to recycle. Our solution cuts repair time from hours to minutes, extends product-life and makes the recycling process more efficient. CompPair brings on the market healable and sustainable composite material solutions to improve circularity.


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